Genie Action is an easier way to raise money for schools and organisations where 'Together We all Win' With the help of local merchants Genie Action helps thousands of children to reach their objectives and goals in life and leisure.

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The initiative began in 2011 in a large Canadian high school where we helped reduce cost for hundreds of student athletes by bringing schools and local businesses together to support the community with the well known printed coupon book. Our success expanded into many areas. It helped build sports programs and initiatives that had never been possible before due to the lack of financial resources.

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Genie Action is a powerful tool that helps schools & organisations within your community the ability to raise money. An impressive team of local retailers and businesses come together in promoting and offering healthy choices through our “Genie App"

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Giving organizations the ability to raise funds for important projects that matter within their local communities and providing active savers the option to purchase items they really want.

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