About the company

The initiative began in 2011 in a large Canadian high school where we helped reduce cost for hundreds of student athletes by bringing schools and local businesses together to support the community. Our success expanded into many areas. It helped build sports programs and initiatives that had never been possible before due to the lack of financial resources. Genie Action is a company that has created a solution for schools and organizations to raise money within their local communities by centralizing fundraising efforts with small and larger businesses while also providing products and services that families and people want to use.

Proud Team

Richard St-Cyr


Growing up in Kirkland on the West Island of Montreal, Richard St-Cyr is immersed in organised sport powered by his dedicated parents who believe in the benefits of physical activity. In addition, he participates in several sports-oriented holiday camps such as the EDPHY camp which reinforces his development and his love for leisure.

During his studies in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Collège de Valleyfield, he is called upon to create a youth animation program for his municipality. Leading teams of instructors to present programming that meets the needs of adolescents, the program becomes a huge success and a reference in the municipal environment.

The impact of the social benefits of the program has influenced Richard St-Cyr to leave his engineering studies at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) to reorient his career in connection with his passion for hobbies. He has completed a Bachelor's degree in Leisure at Concordia University. His education combined with his experience led him to work for the international company Royal Caribbean as a manager for the onboard youth programs. Richard and his team are recognized for the best Cruise Ship Youth Program in July 1999, and he was chosen to be the Employee of the Month on the Legend of the Seas in August 2001. By his privileged position, he visits fifty of countries and noted the absence of the phenomenon of dropping out of school in several societies.

Richard decided to return to Quebec and work in the school environment to work as a recreation technician in one of the largest multipurpose schools in Quebec, the Cité-des-Jeunes secondary school in Vaudreuil-Dorion. . Richard is involved in the creation and development of the Active for Life sport program. This program allows several hundred students to hang on to school with a focus on quality, accessibility and academic success.

Richard has the deep desire to spread this program to all schools in Quebec and Ontario. Knowing that funding for sport programs could only come from the public sector, Richard created a tool that mobilized the private sector to invest in the local economy and contribute to the well-being of his community.

Co-founder of Leisure Engineering, Richard is proud to be awarded the Quebec Excellence in Innovation Award of the Year (Quebec City Leisure Association) at the World Leisure Congress in Quebec City in 2008. Richard dreams that all young people can have access to sports and like his parents, he makes sure his sons and daughter thrive by being as active in sport as possible.

Jasmin Felx


Jasmin was born in the southwest region of Quebec in a small residential community in which he was lucky enough to be very active with skating, cycling, street hockey, hiking, swimming and table tennis were all part of his daily routine until the end of high school when he discovered his passion for badminton. Through the various badminton sport stages towards the national level, through the college and university networks, Jasmin discovered himself as a passionate "leader" who wanted to make a difference. He has always been captain of his teams and has always played an important role by his serious, commitment and intensity. These are values that serve him today in the development of his business.

Thanks to sport, Jasmin knew that he was going to make a career from it one day and that's why he studied Leisure Science at the University of Ottawa. In addition, he has conveyed his passion for his sport and that's why he dedicated himself to becoming a coach and even president of the Regional Badminton Association of his region voluntarily.

Professionally, he has had the privilege of serving at one of the most prestigious sports programs in Quebec, that of the Jeux du Québec as head of delegation. In addition, he has been a sports consultant and has made sports development his passion for nearly 8 years. His main goal was for young people to have more sports in school and this has driven him to do more. He was the co-founder of Genie du Loisir which has now morphed in Genie Action an enterprise dedicated to providing schools with solutions to help fund sport within Canada.

Genie Mission

To improve life for young people in schools which has proven to reduce school dropout rates.

Team Genie
Équipe Génie

Genie Objective

  • To help families reduce the expenses related to participating in sports and clubs.
  • To help provide financial support to children and adults in schools and organizations for their specific projects.