About the program

Genie Action offers a powerful tool helping schools and sports clubs within your community. An impressive team of businesses come together in promoting healthy choices through our “Genie” tool.

What is a ”Genie”?

A Genie is an app giving access to rebates offered by merchants in your community. Genie is sold by Activators to Activesavors. This product allows to invest in a youngster and in its project.

What is an “Activator”?

An Activator is a youngster or helping parent that are in action towards the fundraising goals established by the organization. Activators are projects generators and activate themselfs in being great citizens.

What is an “Activesavor”?

Activesavors support Activators in their initiative to raise funds for their projects. By doing so, Activesavors are recognized by benefiting from the rebates the merchants have to offer them. Activesavors witness how much they have saved in a cumulative way while being aware of how much was risen for the particular project they supported.

Why join Genie

As a merchant this is a great way to be linked to all the projects in your community while ensuring that the residents choose your business when they shop. Traditional marketing has no direct impact on improving the well-being of our community.

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